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Few Important Reasons for You to Quit Smoking

There are some statistics about smoking that everybody knows, thanks to extensive media coverage & numerous public as well as private healthcare agencies campaigning vociferously against nicotine addiction. It causes lung cancer; it increases the risk of strokes & heart attacks; it disturbs sleep & the list goes on. But all these extreme medical conditions create over time. Have you ever thought about the immediate impacts of smoking on you & the people around you? Here are some for you to think over (that maybe make you quit smoking):

Bad Breath

Quit Smoking
The habit of smoking can give you a very foul smell in your mouth, which is a huge turn-off for plenty of people, for those who do not smoke. Also, smokers have a peculiar smell different from other people, which is why your non-smoking mate may not like to visit your place or come near you physically.

Drains Energy

Quit Smoking
Keep in mind the times when you could run & climb stairs effortlessly? Smoking takes its toll on your respiratory technique, which causes you to gasp for breath while doing simple physical activities such as jogging, or carrying heavy items.

Coughs & Dry Mouths

Quit Smoking
Morning coughs as well as a feeling of dryness inside the mouth are common to smokers. In case you quit smoking, these niggles will go away quickly.


Quit Smoking
Smoke from cigarettes makes smokers squint their eyes to keep away from irritation. This causes wrinkles around the eyes. You look more aged than you actually are.

Dark Lips

Quit Smoking
Lips are thought about to be of the most pretty & sexiest body parts. But smoking can leave a dark stain on your lips. As soon as you cease smoking, you will notice a significant improvement in the colour of your lips. Your lips will also taste great, making you kissable, cuddly & good-smelling sweetheart to your partner.

How to Quit?

Quit Smoking
Now that you know why you ought to be bidding farewell to nicotine, the query that remains is how. There’s plenty of smoking cessation treatments available on the market. You can try out Champix . This prescription medicine blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain & kills the pleasure that gets from smoking. It also helps cope with withdrawal signs.

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